Scholarship Fund

Proceeds of the RG  benefit the WPAM Scholarship Fund.

WPAM awards three scholarships annually;
they are not limited to current members of Mensa.
Scholarship applications open on September 15;
see the Mensa Scholarship web page for details.

The RG also holds two individual fund raisers (cash or checks accepted):

Silent Auction:

We’ll have many items available, from frivolous to glamorous, and from quite Earthly to infinity and beyond! They will be on display for bidding from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening; you’ll want to return periodically to ensure you’ve not been outbid.

Book Sale 

Book donations will be set out beginning at 3 PM Friday; we’ll try to group them by subject as well as we can. You can donate books by  bringing them directly to the RG. They’ll be priced at 50¢ for a hardcover and 25¢ for a paperback, discounted to half price on Sunday and $1 a bag on Monday.


Thank you for helping to support the WPAM Scholarship Fund!


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