Youth Track

The Youth Track runs parallel to the standard RG programming and includes events that are targeted for youth (which adults can also attend) and regular events (that are also appropriate for youth).

Youth Track Programs:

10:00 A Saturday, Coloring for Kids, Speakers 2
3:00 P Sunday, Origami, Speakers 2
4:30 P Sunday, Starting a Kid’s Business, w/Meagan Warren, Speakers 1
5:30 P Sunday, Duct Tape Crafting, Speakers 2
5:30 P Sunday, The Crypto Kid: paranormal through a teen’s eyes, w/Colin Schneider, Speakers 1
7:00 P Sunday, Metallic Millinery (foil hats), Speakers 2
10:00 P Sunday, Martian Costume Contest, Speakers 1
9:00 A Monday, Kid’s Games, Tournaments