We want you (to volunteer!)

Spending an hour helping out is a good way to meet new friends
and assure that the weekend is a good time for everyone!
We’ll have volunteers-desired sign-up sheets posted at the RG.

Our Volunteers (the committee):

  • RG Chair: Brea Ludwigson
  • Treasurer: Bill Keith
  • Pre-Registrar: Marty Flowers
  • Onsite Registrar: Sandy Topping
  • Hospitality Chair: Caren Bachmann
  • Snacks
  • Beverages: Doug Shevchik
  • Speakers: Deb Meritt
  • Games & Tournaments: Jodi Singer and Robert Goldsmith
  • Testing: Robin Bolea
  • Auction: Sarah Norris
  • Book Sale: Lora Mitchell
  • Scheduling
  • Badge Printing
  • Program Printing
  • Web Site
  • Helpers-at-Large: Virginia Plottel, Dave Plottel, Shirley Klass, Marty Meighen, Paul Aussprung, Lisa McCracken

It takes a village, folks. Won’t you join us?



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